Ninja warrior obstacle course
Ninja Warrior Course
Become the Ultimate Ninja Warrior as you challenge yourself on this challenging obstacle course!
Hologate VR
Immerse yourself in a world like you’ve never seen with Hologate VR. This cutting edge virtual reality gaming system is an experience that is guaranteed to wow people of all ages and abilities.
grid of trampolines each lit so that the overall effect is a rainbow
Mad Freestyle Trick Area
Get your jump on in this wall-to-wall trampoline area. Jump with friends or by yourself in this area with tons of space for everyone. Don't forget to check out Prismatic Explosion! Our interactive jumping experience available only at the Madhouse!
Lava Themed Crash Pad
Mad Stunt Bag
Try out new flips and tricks with the safety of a stunt bag. If you dream it, you can do it at the Mad Stunt Bag.
Image of dual climbing wall allowing two people to climb symmetrical sides in a race
Face-off Climbing Wall
Go face to face as you race against your friend to see who is the most adventurous climber!
Dunk City
Dunk City
Emulate your favorite pro baller on our slam dunk hoops! Get creative and throw it down in a dunk contest with your friends.
Ninja Graphic on wall
Trampoline Ninja
Test your Ninja skills in this interactive Trampoline Ninja arena!
Navigating a maze of lasers
Lazer Maze
Get prepared to twist and contort yourself as you maneuver your way through this lazer maze. There are different levels of difficulty to ensure a challenge for all ages!