Safety For Everyone

Keeping you safe is our top priority

The Madhouse is an International Association of Trampoline Parks certified business. We have safety signage posted throughout the park to ensure that each guest is aware of proper jumping techniques and procedures.

Staff Training

At the Madhouse, we train our staff to be alert and able to handle potential situations in their assigned area. We start every shift by reviewing safety rules to ensure each staff member understands the importance of safety to our guests’ experience.


1. No running, playing tag, horse play or rough play.
2. No group tricks or group acrobatics allowed.
3. Do not land on the pads.
4. No flipping over the pads onto another trampoline.
5. No climbing or hanging on the pads or nets.
6. Please walk carefully on and off the court.
7. No double bouncing allowed.
8. No sitting or lying down in the trampoline area.

Dodge Ball

1. 10 jumpers per side.
2. Use discretion to make sure the sides of the game are even.
3. No head shots.
4. If you are hit with the ball, you are out.
5. If you throw a ball and it is caught, you are out.
6. If you cross the center line, you are out.
7. Once a ball hits something other than a person, that ball is no longer a “Live” ball.
8. No kicking the dodgeballs.

Climbing Wall

1. Each Climber should be no more than 250 lbs.
2. Once the harness is hooked up, please make sure climbers remain in the climbing area.
3. Climbers must wait to climb until told that they can go.
4. No stepping on the cable while waiting to climb.
5. Stay on the climbing route for your station.
6. Don’t cross over to put yourself directly beneath or above other climbers.
7. Don’t climb above the top of the wall.
8. Rappel straight down using your feet.
9.Land on your feet when coming to the ground.
10.No one can unhook themselves.

Dunk Lanes

1. Only 2 jumpers allowed per lane.
2. No running from the carpet/Pads to dunk.
3. Must be on the trampoline first before shooting the ball.
4. No hanging on the rim.
5. Once the ball is dunked or thrown twice, the guest’s turn is over.
6. No kicking the basketball.
7. No throwing the basketball at other guests.

Stunt Bag

1. Only 1 jumper allowed on each lane at a time.
2. Single flip only.
3. Outside lanes will go first, inside lanes can go once jumpers cross the green pads.
4. No backflips or jumping in with back to the stunt bag.
5. When helping jumpers climb out, please grab both hands and help them climb out gently.


Be cautious while playing Hologate if you are prone to motion sickness

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